Update on my life

Hi all ,

I’m just updating you on my life. School is awesome at the moment and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year. Only the other week we had NADOC week, I missed out on it because I came down with an illness but all better now. Our school  held an Education Week breakfast BBQ to celebrate. The bacon was terrific and I really enjoyed it. That’s all for now but I’ll be writing soon.

time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye              

I have posted 5 things and I am proud of them all.my favourite task was posting comments on other people’s work. I found this very enjoyable because I loved people’s work that I didn’t know.

The things I had to go though to post my work were writing it in my book then my teacher had to check my work and I show het great gratitude for that. So after all my talking I have to say goodbye.

Horses help me relax

Horses riding                                                                                                        Only animal that is perfect Radius                                                                                                                    Super awesome                                                                                                    Elegant


Taiko drumming

Last week we visited Raleigh public school to experience a fun workshop. Taiko drumming was enjoyable because I loved learning all the new drumming skills like pitch, beat and all that noise. After all that fun we travelled back home to Crossmaglen public school.


Hi everyone.

Hi everyone.I am Madison and I am new here at Crossmaglen school. I am really loving it. I love horses and most other animals to ,except snakes and spiders.I also show interst for art and science. I love Crossie and I hope I keep enjoying Crossie.